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Bespoke Orders

A beautiful bespoke framed print of a local landmark or one of Preston’s award-winning parks can create a talking point at your place of work. An atmospheric print of a place that evokes childhood memories can set the mood at home. I have worked with a number of customers creating prints and framed prints to their specifications. 

I can work with you to create a print in a bespoke size to fit a frame you may have already purchased or I can work with you to create framed prints to match your decor. 

Framed prints

A customer contacted me as she was redecorating her home and wished to have some images of her favourite places in Preston to complement her decor.

Initially, the customer decided which images she liked and we worked together to decide what would work well together and which frames would complement her decor.

Finally, the customer opted for a specialised anti-glare perspex, rather than standard glass or perspex, to protect the print. This lightweight, shatter-proof option has been treated to reduce the amount of surface reflection and so reducing the distracting glare.

The customer had the prints professionally hung in her home and was absolutely delighted with the result. 

Customer photographs opposite. 

Photography requests

A customer had seen a selection of photography I had taken of some of Preston’s oldest pubs and wishes to have a selection of images framed. 

He particularly liked the interior of The Black Horse pub in Preston and asked if I could take some further shots which he would then frame himself. 

I photographed a number of different aspects of the pub and worked with him on the size of prints he required, which he then had framed up. He was delighted with the result and purchased further photographs of Preston to complement this set. 

Customer photograph opposite. 


Gallery Wall – Custom print sizes

A customer wished to create a gallery wall of some Preston’s iconic buildings and beautiful parks for her husband’s birthday. 

I created a few different boards featuring examples of images that worked well together. She then decided which images she would like to feature. I included unpublished images from my archive. She gave me the dimensions of the frames she had purchased and I ordered the prints which were shipped to her home within two days. 

I can also create framed gallery wall prints for you to hang directly in your home. 

The customer and her husband were highly delighted with the result. 




For any enquiries please email