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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Lisa and this site is dedicated to my photography work. You can simply browse the four galleries containing recent images or buy a print from my shop if you wish. 

As I write the UK is currently in lockdown, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the sixth week of lockdown, which in terms of the summer holidays would be the final week! I say that as I work in education, where I am lucky enough to be able to take photos on a weekly, sometimes daily basis, look after websites and write. 

At the beginning of this year, I had planned to take more photos featuring people. It is something I enjoy doing regularly in my day job, for example, taking prom photos, photos at awards evenings and if something special is taking place in school but I wanted to incorporate it into my work outside of school. I had an exhibition called ‘Welcome to Preston’ at a lovely cafe called The Larder, on Lancaster Road, Preston, last October and a number of people asked how I managed to take so many photos in the city without people in. So this year I decided to challenge myself and incorporate people into my photography work. 

I love architecture and the streets of Preston that evoke feelings of times gone by, so I wanted to use these places as a setting for some of these images. This brings me to the photo above, the lady in the image isn’t me, it is my lovely friend Sharon who agreed to pose waiting, on a dark, dry early February evening, under a particular lamppost I liked in St Ignatius Square. The image wasn’t as I had planned but I was really happy with it. I had more ideas, and another willing model, but then the floods arrived washing away any opportunities to take some creative shots outside. Then the pandemic arrived, so my plan is on hold. Instead, I take my camera on daily walks, which can at times irritate my teenage son (although he is starting to develop an interest in a different sort of photography, but more about that another time!).

There are some fantastic portrait photographers in the city of Preston, so perhaps I will ask a few of them to share some tips, tricks and advice on this blog. 

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Take care


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Lisa Brown is a photographer and writer, living and working in Preston, Lancashire. 

Take a look at Lisa’s striking photographic prints of Preston’s iconic landmarks and beautiful parks on the main website. 

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